Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fans melt at the sight of baby Yoseob

B2ST member Yang Yoseob shared a new baby photo with his fans.

The singer posted the above photo via his Twitter page on the 30th and wrote, “Yoseob eating ricecakes.”

The photo was taken when Yoseob turned a year old back on January 5th, 1991, and fans were glad that he was open enough to share personal photos with them.

They wrote, “Such an old picture. Cute!”, “I want to eat ricecakes with you“, “Please share more childhood photos“, and more.

Meanwhile, Yoseob and the rest of the B2ST members released their new song “I Knew It” on January 26th just in time for their World Tour and are currently sweeping the music charts online.

Looks like some things haven’t changed, back then he was a cute baby and some 20 years later fans still call him cute baby.

credit: allkpop

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