Monday, February 24, 2014

Ten Things K-Pop Fans Are Tired Of Hearing

After a certain amount of time, most K-Pop fans start to recognize the repeated comments and statements from others that send them angrily to the keyboard to leave a reply message or just make them roll their eyes in agitated defeat.  Why do the same things come up over and over again anyway? Check out the list below that contains some of the most commonly made statements to K-Pop fans from those who just do not understand!

"He looks like a girl."

No, he doesn't!  Yes, that is eyeliner... maybe some eyeshadow... but he's clearly a guy.  Look at those abs and masculine gaze--how could you ever mistaken him as a girl?

(Heechul - "Screw it, I'm fabulous.")

"They don't even know you exist."

Yes, well... they will... someday...

Your crush at school doesn't know you exist, either... it's not that different.

"They all look the same."

Are you kidding me... How can you not be able to tell them apart?  That's Suho, that's Baekhyun, that's Luhan, that's D.O, that's Chanyeol, that's Kris, that's Tao, that's Xiumin, that's Lay, that's Kai, that's Sehun, and that's Chen.  What, are you blind?

(Can you list them in the correct order left to right for EXO and Topp Dogg?)

"Was this plagiarized?"

Are you deaf, too?  Apart from a few similarities, they sound pretty different to me... 

"S/he is the Korean version of ________."

No. Stop. Just leave them alone.  Stop with the unnecessary comparisons.

"Did they get plastic surgery?"

They are natural beauties!  Who cares anyway?  I love them unconditionally.

"Do you even understand what they're saying?"

Yuh gi bo sae yo!  Look here mister/miss, I can sing every single one of their songs and understand them entirely.  I could talk to them fluently if I wanted.  And even if I didn't understand, the songs are sometimes so good at portraying certain emotions, anyway. Or sometimes, I just want to jam to the beat.  In the end, it's pretty safe to assume they're singing about love.  If I really want, I can find plenty of translations.

"Are these people Chinese?  Japanese?"

I'm letting you know right now that this is K-Pop.  What do you think the K might stand for?

"Op-op-op oppa gang-nam style! / oppa condom style," and other mispronunciation

You are just embarrassing yourself.  Just stop.

"What a wannabe Justin Bieber /  One Direction /  (insert Western artist here)."

 No way, they are so much better!  If anything, boy bands were popular in Korea way before One Direction "brought it back.

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