Friday, July 13, 2012

Here’s Why Justin Bieber Is Never Going To Reply To Your Tweets

Holy crap, Justin Bieber is popular on Twitter. He’s the second most-followed person on the entire network with just over 24.6 million followers – second only to Lady Gaga and her army of 26.7 million little monsters. But anyone who has spent even a little bit of time on Twitter knows that the Beliebers are quite the enthusiastic bunch. I mean, nobody can hijack a trending topics list quite like excited Justin Bieber fans.
Even though I knew all of this, nothing could prepare me for what you’re about to see. YouTube user Mateo12485 appears to have used Tweetdeck to show us exactly how rabid Bieber fans really are. All that had to be done was to set up a stream of @ mentions for Justin Bieber, wait for him to tweet something, and sit back in abject horror.
Check out the absolute insanity below:
Shocking, right?
I wondered if the sheer quantity meant that anyone with an eleven-digit followers count would see this kind of reply activity. I set up the Bieber @ stream next to the Gaga @ stream and the pace of each wasn’t even close. Tweets were flying in to Beiber at an insane rate – about ten times the rate of Lady Gaga mentions (based on my best estimate). To be fair, Bieber had tweeted more recently than Gaga, but the disparity was staggering.
I guess Bieber fans really are the most crazy passionate fans in the world
“@justinbieber Just waiting for the day you’ll notice and follow me,” read one tweet, flashing before my eyes for a brief moment before being swallowed up by dozens more. Yes. Good luck with that.


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